Scientific Program

Conference Tracks

Track 1

Nanomaterials and Nanostructures

  1. Electronic packaging
  2. MEMS and NEMS
  3. Nanocomposites
  4. Nanoindentation
  5. Nanostructured materials
  6. Thin films


Track 2

Engineering Materials and Structures

  1. Acoustic emission
  2. Applications
  3. Applied photoelesticity
  4. Biologically inspired materials
  5. Composite materials
  6. Damage assessment
  7. Dynamic systems
  8. Fracture and fatigue
  9. Impact mechanics
  10. Inverse problems
  11. Numerical solutions
  12. Optical methods
  13. Research in progress
  14. Smart materials and structures
  15. Structural integrity and health monitoring
  16. Structural testing
  17. Thermal problems
  18. Time dependent materials
  19. Transducers and sensors


Track 3

Special Symposia/Sessions

  1. Optical Methods for Experimental Solid Mechanics. Symposium in Honor of Professor Cesar A. Sciammarella (Luciano Lamberti, Carmine Pappalettere, Federico Sciammarella)
  2. Experimental Mechanics. In honor of Professor Fu-pen Chiang (Hua Lu, Hareesh Tippur, Song Zhang)
  3. Symposium on Novel Applications of Experimental Mechanics, in honor of Professor Fu-pen Chiang (Wei-Chung Wang, Terry Yuan-Fang Chen, Yu-Lung Lo, Satoru Yoneyama)
  4. Advances in Creep and Fatigue Testing (Zbigniew L. Kowalewski)
  5. Advances in Hopkinson Bar Techniques and Applications (Xu Nie, Bo Song, H. Eliot Fang)
  6. Cellular Materials (Robert Mines)
  7. Deformation and Failure at High Strain Rates (P. Venkitanarayanan)
  8. Ductile Failure of Metals (Wei-Yang Lu)
  9. Durability of composite materials (Frédéric Jacquemin)
  10. Dynamic Behavior of Metals under Impact and Blast (Pengwan Chen)
  11. Advances in Shape Memory Alloys, Polymers and Composites; Other Materials Related to Phase Transformation (Elzbieta Pieczyska)
  12. Experimental Mechanics in Conservation of Historic Materials and Structures (Miloš Drdacky)
  13. Experimental Methods in Fracture, Damage and Durability Mechanics of Structural  Concrete (Gonzalo Ruiz)
  14. Experimental Techniques in Additive Manufacturing Technologies (Dimitrios Karalekas)
  15. High Energy Field-Assisted Synthesis, Processing & Characterization of Materials with Controlled Microstructures for Improved Properties (Costas G. Fountzoulas)
  16. Impact testing and energy absorptions (Han Zhao, Yulong Li, Guoxing Lu)
  17. Mechanics of Adhesion, Contact and Friction Across Scales (Kenneth Liechti)
  18. Nanoindentation (Ibrahim Miskioglu, Erik Herbert)
  19. Non-contact Dynamic Measurements (Christopher Niezrecki, Peter Avitabile)
  20. Novel composites from recycled materials (Emin Bayraktar, Ibrahim Miskioglu)
  21. Novel methods for analysis of soft materials and biological tissues (Ghatu Subhash)
  22. Operational Modal Testing and Monitoring of Monuments and Historical Structures (Carmelo Gentile)
  23. Opto-acoustic Methods for Experimental Mechanics (Sanichiro Yoshida)
  24. Material Properties at High Strain-Rates (Qingming Li)
  25. Rock and Soil Mechanics (Cino Viggianni)
  26. Small Scale and In-Situ Testing (J.P.M. Hoefnagels)
  27. Strain Gage Technology, Advances and Applications (Martin Stockman)
  28. Thermoelaticity, Thermoelastic Stress Analysis and Infrared Imaging (Robert Rowlands)
  29. Wood Mechanics and Timber Engineering (Georg Hochreiner, Josef Füssl, Thomas Bader, Josef Eberhardsteiner)


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