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True to the company motto “Focus on imaging”, LaVision offers specialized imaging solutions for different fields of application like materials testing (deformation, strain), fluid mechanics (aerodynamics, microfluidics), combustion (automotive, power generation), as well as spray and particle diagnostics (engines, pharma). Founded 1989 in Goettingen, Germany, LaVision is now one of the leading suppliers of laser imaging systems for fluid dynamics applications.

Our StrainMaster family of products offers optical inspection of surface deformation and strain based on digital image correlation. Due to the non-intrusive nature of optical instruments, these systems provide unique capabilities for highly accurate, full field deformation analysis. Our measurement equipment is used in well-known R&D labs all over the world. Largely customer oriented, we offer user-friendly, reliable, and high quality products tailored to the needs of our customers.

LaVision will be at the 17th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics. We invite you to visit our booth and have a look at our latest products.

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